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Our Huddles

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Our Huddles

Clark County- Charlestown HS, Charlestown MS, Jeffersonville HS, Parkview MS, Silver Creek HS, Silver Creek MS, Henryville HS, Henryville MS, Rock Creek HS, Clarksville HS, Clarksville MS, Jonathan Jennings ES, Silver Creek HS Tennis

Floyd County- New Albany HS, Hazelwood MS, Floyd Central HS, Highland Hill MS, Christian Academy HS, Scribner MS, Mt. Tabor ES, Floyd Central HS Soccer

Harrison County- Lanesville HS, South Central MS/HS, South Central Archery, North Harrison HS, North Harrison MS, Morgan ES

Washington County- West Washington HS Basketball

Jackson County- Brownstown Central HS, Seymour MS, Seymour HS

Scott County- Austin HS, Austin MS

Jennings County- Jennings County HS

Jefferson County- Madison Central HS, Hanover College

Bartholomew County- Hauser HS, Northside MS, Columbus North HS

Decatur County- North Decatur MS/HS, South Decatur MS/HS, Greensburg Community HS, Greensburg MS

Ripley County- South Ripley MS/HS, Milan MS/HS

Franklin County- Franklin County HS

Dearborn County- None

Ohio County- None

Switzerland County- None 

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