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FCA Employment

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Before pursuing employment with FCA, it is our desire that you have a full understanding of the position you are applying for and the FCA ministry.

FCA's intention is to do its best at affirming your calling to this ministry and equip you to succeed. Ministering to coaches and athletes and seeing them come to know Christ is the highlight of the ministry and FCA's ultimate goal. FCA’s selection process is designed to help you and FCA determine if you are called to the FCA ministry, as well as provide you with all the information you need to make a decision about joining the FCA Team.

FCA’s selection process complies with all applicable federal and state employment laws.

FCA Field Staff Funding Requirement 

FCA is a faith-financed ministry and, as such, depends on the generosity of donors to support our ministry staff. Developing and implementing a funding plan is part of your responsibility as an FCA staff person.

FCA anticipates an approximate $70,000 - 100,000 annual budget for an FCA field position. This budget covers salary, payroll taxes, benefit costs, program and operating costs. Before FCA can officially hire an employee, 90% of the first year budget must be in place through cash funding and faith promises. As staff members trust God for their finances, they invite individuals, churches and other organizations to invest in their ministry through prayer and financial commitments. New staff will be trained how to find people God is calling to be on their team of ministry partners.

In addition to the funding requirement, the Advisory Board supports FCA staff financially, programmatically, and emotionally.  Board members will love you, support you, and hold you accountable for your ministry. 

Impact on Family 

If married, your spouse and family must be similarly called to the ministry and support you in your role as FCA Staff . This will mean some nights away from home attending FCA meetings or other FCA sponsored events. It may require opening your home to the community to hold fellowship that will provide nurturing for those helping you and sharing with new people to embrace the vision of FCA. You may be called to speak at churches in your community.

Once the preliminary steps are behind you, the rewards can be rich. You have a community committed to sharing Christ. The Board becomes an extension of your family. You have a challenge to reach coaches and athletes with the Gospel.

The Next Steps 

The official hiring process begins with the endorsement of the local FCA Area Director and/or State Director, as well as the Advisory Board. If funds have not been raised prior to this point, the Area Director, Advisory Board, and you will set about planning a strategy to fund the position. You should not resign from your current employment until funding expectations are met and you have completed the interview and selection process. An employee is not hired until the FCA Home Office has approved your hiring. This will not take place until the funding has been verified. An applicant should not make any reference to being employed by FCA until these steps have been taken, even at the fundraising stage, unless you are on a part-time status.

Prospective Staff Application 

We ask that all who have understood employment with FCA and read the overview of working with FCA complete our application if you’re interested in a ministry job with FCA. Please specify the current position you are interested in or the FCA staff person that requested you to complete the application and your questionnaire will be reviewed and forwarded to the proper staff in the area. Please note, incomplete questionnaires will not be forwarded.

The questionnaire will take more than one hour to complete. You'll need to register for an account in order to save your information as you complete it.  Once you register for an account, you can then proceed to the appropriate application.

If you have further questions, please contact our National HR department at 1-800-289-0909 or email For specific questions pertaining to SE Indiana, please contact Donnie Roark at 812-207-6296 or email